Inside the 1980's when Greg Lemond was a household word because of his success in the Tour de France and widespread publicity, recreational cycling shot to popularity in popularity. Our SCOR Cardiac Cycling Club began offering public participation bike rides in Solvang as well as other areas of Southern California that quickly grew to add 1000s of riders.

 Biking Knee Pain

As a result of my physiotherapist status, I started receiving requests to complete "bike fittings" for pain syndromes cyclists were having after riding. Some were only for a couple of miles of riding yet others were after Century rides or longer. This cause my creating a specific protocol of evaluating the cyclist on and off his/her bike that attempted to put all the biomechanical pieces together to optimize cycling biomechanics as well as reducing biking knee pain syndromes.


Of all the pain syndromes you can develop from cycling, biking knee pain solutions are simply as varied. Some are as easy as raising or lowering the saddle a tiny amount. Other knee pain complaints are more complex and involve correcting foot biomechanics ( usually excessive pronation),

adjusting the cleat toe-in or toe-out/ and/or fore-aft position.

A too small Q factor is a reasonably common supply of knee pain as well as a means of widening the stance around the pedals. This cause my creating pedal extenders in 1987 to match a wider pedal stance. Therefore can allow for further toe-out on the bike along with help align the foot, tibia and femur in a straight line when observing the cyclist from an anterior-posterior (front-back) view. This alignment is critical to comfortable cycling that can prevent/relieve pain emanating in the foot, ankle, knee or hip.

 Biking Knee Pain

I trademarked the 20 mm wide pedal extenders as "Kneesavers", whilst they happen to be called "Foot Savers" and "Cycling Savers" by a lot of of my customers who found immediate pain alleviation once attached to their bike. In a short time I started making larger sized Kneesavers of 25 and 30 mm widths because there are a many those who need an even wider Q factor stance. Some huge people have had extra long custom made Kneesavers fabricated as their biking knee pain solution. That lead to the making of "Pedal Adapters" which have a 1/2" threaded male end plus a 9/16" female end in order that serious cyclists, or those who live where it snows or rains a great deal can train indoor on a spin trainer or stationary bike utilizing their own pedals and shoes. Clipless pedals that maximize free float will also be a frequent need to relieve knee pain.


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